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Kaløvig Bådelaug, Skødstrup Kaløvig Bådelaug, Skødstrup

Kaløvig Bådelaug, Skødstrup

General Details

Sailing / Yacht Club

Contact Person:
Marianne Behnke

Historical Details

Founded in:

The organization of Kaløvig Bådelaug was founded in 1968 by a group of enterprising sailors. These future members also built the boat harbour. As the sailing activities increased the harbour was expanded, but the space soon ran out due to the close proximity to the thermal heating station of Studstrupværket. In 1983, after many years in close proximity of Studstrupværket, Lady Luck smiled down on Kaløvig Bådelaug. The thermal heating station had also become too large and needed to expand, so they made an agreement with Kaløvig Bådelaug.


Street Address:
Åstrup Strandvej 68 A

Post Code:


Central Denmark


Contact Information

Telephone Number:
(+45) 86 99 19 67

Fax Number:
(+45) 86 99 38 45

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Added to the Directory on Monday 25 February, 2013
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