Yacht Club Classique, La Rochelle

Yacht Club Classique, La Rochelle

General Details

 Type:  Sailing / Yacht Club
 Head:  President Jean Christian Fandeux
 Secretary:  Roger Proust


 Street Address:  Rue de l'Armide , 8
 Post Code:  17000
 City:  La Rochelle
 State/Province:  Poitou-Charentes
 Country:  France

Contact Information

 Telephone Number:  068 630 4479
 E-Mail Address:  comycc@yachtclubclassique.fr
 Head Email Address:  president@yachtclubclassique.com
 Secretary Email Address:  secretariat@yachtclubclassique.com
 Web Address:  http://www.yachtclubclassique.com
Added to the Directory on Sunday 28 April, 2013
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Sailing in Greece
"Happy is the man, I thought, who [during his lifetime], has the good fortune to sail the Aegean Sea...
Nowhere else can one pass so serenely from reality to dream." ~N.Kazantzakis