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Allhallows Yacht Club Ltd, Rochester Allhallows Yacht Club Ltd, Rochester

Allhallows Yacht Club Ltd, Rochester

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Sailing / Yacht Club

Contact Person:
Lorraine Crawley

Historical Details

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Allhallows Yacht Club was created by Captain Bacon in 1964. He ran the local army cadet unit located in the Slough Fort that is now the equestrian centre. Captain Bacon’s idea was to help the local community to enjoy their leisure time by making use of the biggest resource in the area, the Thames Estuary. He was not alone and was soon joined by Jim and Elsie Long. Jim was a member of the 34th Essex Shooting Club where he met John and Peter Panagli. Peter and John were asked if they were interested in forming a Sailing Club, this became the conception of Allhallows Yacht Club, Elsie became the first club secretary.


Street Address:
Sea Front

Post Code:


South East England

United Kingdom

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