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Vaucluse Yacht Club, Watsons Bay Vaucluse Yacht Club, Watsons Bay

Vaucluse Yacht Club, Watsons Bay

General Details

Sailing / Yacht Club

Commodore Ian Bell

Club Secretary Michael Michell

Historical Details

In 1930 at the suggestion of Sil Rohu, Sydney's leading Gun Smith, Charles Sparrow, Naval Draftsmen, designed the first Vee-Jay (Vaucluse Junior) with the assistance of F. Sargent and R. Banks. The Vee-Jay was designed for two boys under the age of 17. In 1932 the Vaucluse Amateur Sailing Association (V.A.S.A.) was established. The members of V.A.S.A. then built the Vee-Jay prototype "Splinter". The first working Vee-Jay "Chum" was launched August 1931 and is currently on display at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. 1932 was also the year the Sydney Harbour bridge was opened.


Street Address:
1 Marine Parade

Post Code:
NSW 2030

Watsons Bay

New South Wales


Contact Information

Telephone Number:
(02) 9337 5775

E-Mail Address:

Web Address:

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