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Yacht Club Mer du Nord, Dunkerque Yacht Club Mer du Nord, Dunkerque

Yacht Club Mer du Nord, Dunkerque

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The most Northerly of the great French clubs, the Y.C.M.N. is a real Dunkirk institution. Founded in 1958, this inshore and offshore sailing club, but also motorboating and fishing club, ally of the French Yacht Club, can pride itself of having turned out some of the best French racers , but also of intense cruising and competitive activities. The Yacht Club de la Mer du Nord owns particularly comfortable facilities. The club offers its members a private marina of 270 berths, the pontoons of which have been renovated during the winter of 1996 and the dock dredged. The marina also welcomes sailing visitors and has a 7 ton crane and a wintering shed at its disposal. . A new and wonderful club house, including the Harbour Master Office and a restaurant, was built in the end of 1994 and the cheering mood of Mr and Mrs Boone at the bar sometimes succeeds at keeping there the most eager to go sailing!


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Tpl des Monitors

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